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Spring in Tbilisi!

Has it really, already been a year and a half?! Yes, because on September 18, 2021 I boarded the plane from Amsterdam to Tbilisi for the first time. On my way to a new exciting phase in my life! On the way to.. yes to actually no idea, to unknown, to adventure... Oh my dear people, how much has happened, how much I have experienced, felt and seen during this period!

Of course, starting all over in another country with a different culture, language, customs, food, driving style, history, norms, values ​​and much more is not something you would call easy. Everything is different and new, nothing familiar, nothing to hold on to and everything is one big journey of discovery and quest into the great unknown in this beautiful country.

The ideas I left NL with have all ended up in the trash and new ideas have emerged. I live in Tbilisi where I am, slowly, mastering city life and finding my way. The first year flew by because when everything is new time seems to go faster (or are the days just shorter 😉). I got to know Tbilisi, literally and figuratively, step by step and I still discover new neighborhoods / streets, beautiful murals, parks, the surrounding mountains and the many cultural opportunities while walking. There is a huge variety of activities, including special museums, a beautiful old opera house (saw Macbeth), a mini movie house with easy chairs and popcorn, nice coffee shops, a bio shop, painting-, cooking- and pottery courses and so much more.

Of course I also visited other cities, villages and regions, made beautiful hikes in the mountains, learned to understand the culture a little better. The language uhm… yes… I am still trying to learn it, speaking of challenges…! I have met beautiful people but missed other beautiful people because they no longer live 'around the corner'.

Discovering everything new is exiting and fun... but it also has another side. There were certainly moments of doubt, of feeling alone, of too much or too little, of despondency, of sadness, of missing out, etc.. There were also moments of seeing and experiencing how beautiful the power of nature, the mountains, the water in the rivers and mountain streams, the diversity of landscapes is. Being touched by the intriguing duality in this country, the musicality that is in the genes of the Georgians and the beautiful polyphonic singing, for example. Moments of quiet happiness, enjoying the little things, of just being. There is so much inspiring beauty and I am so grateful for the abundance of life.

And after a few months here of 'doing nothing' I missed contact with all those beautiful and special people in 'my' practice. Half a year ago the Yoga Villa opened its doors here and I started massaging again, especially relaxing massages and energy alignment of your entire system. In April and May I will be giving a number of workshops at different locations. It is nice and fascinating to have colleagues, to exchange, to spar, to learn and to share with and from different nationalities. But above all it's nice that I get to do thát that makes my heart happy and also very important.. that makes clients happy and relaxed!!

Recently I attended an inspiring online workshop that has reactivated my creative energy. I have no place here for the sculpting as I did in NL, but... I enjoy playing with acrylic paint on paper! Gives me a lot of pleasure and I created a small corner in my room so that everything can stay on that table. This way I can look / observe / feel every day what may arise on that paper and, even if it is only 5 minutes, can adjust or add something. It doesn't have to become anything, not resemble anything, just let something emerge and enjoy the process. It also gives room for other new impulses and ideas (such as writing the workshops, for example).

And yes, after a long, dark, cold winter, spring has finally arrived!!! The temperature is rising, the winter coat-tie-hat-gloves can go back in the closet. The first flowers are above ground and yesterday I spotted the first tree with sweet scented blossoms with a whole family of bees visiting the flowers! I love every season but in spring nature is so wonderfully bursting at the seams, after every spring day you see more green, more color and more smiles on people's faces. Think spring makes everyone happy...!

I wish you all lots of happy smiles, the warmth and light of the sun, that powerful spring energy to recharge your system for new discoveries, warm friendships, love, freedom and if you want to spar with me, online is always possible 😊.

With love, Jeannette

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