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Gamarjoba (hi) sweet people!

Bijgewerkt op: 5 mei 2022

Today, March 18, 2022, I am on the road for 6 months in a new life in Tbilisi, Georgia. What a trip!

For a long time I had been thinking of a different way to live my life. I wanted to live more in nature, a bit quieter, smaller. I immersed myself in the Tiny House lifestyle. It appeals to me, more consciously dealing with things, energy, food. In contact with the earth and the seasons. Because a place for a Tiny House is not up for grabs, I considered going more towards the east of The Netherlands and join initiatives that are there.

And then I saw a video of nature in Georgia... I had heard of the country and the city of Tbilisi, but that was it. After 1 video more followed, I read more about the country and its history. The images of the beautiful pure, sometimes rugged nature moved something in my system, the attraction was strong. The head said NO, ridiculous, why, you can't, at your age etc.. The heart overflowed with joy, adventure, passion whispered very powerfully YES!!!

The feeling that I would give up everything and leave for Georgia became clear but .... what followed were some restless days and nights with all kinds of reasons why or why not and how... And one morning I woke up with a simple 'Yes I'm going'. The feeling filled me with strength, with certainty and peace. It was unexpected but so obvious that I felt it wasn't a choice but a logical step. So I sold/gave away my belongings in a short time, cancelled my rental house, booked a ticket, left with 2 suitcases and a small backpack.

So I have indeed moved more to the east but much further than initially thought.

Of course, it was not so logical and easy. Letting go of family and friends, of a nice a home and pleasant roof over the head, of everything that is/was known etc. is drastic, emotional, uncertain, and brings out deep patterns, habits and beliefs. I have taken the time to clarify all this, to find a new balance, to find my way in this country, in the culture, customs etc.. Fortunately, here in the city I can easily use the English language. The Georgian language is still a big challenge. I am working on it but it's a different alphabet and sounds that my tongue does not always know how to handle 😉.

Recently I moved to another appartment in an old neighborhood, in an old building, high ceilings, lots of atmosphere. The house embraces me, a beautiful tree in front of the windows gives peace. Old glass from the windows artistically reflects on the ceiling when the sun shines. Here I can breathe, here I feel at home and I can dive deeper into my new challenges and myself, connect with the earth, enjoy, make new connections, discover and live.

What I have seen of the country itself so far is breathtakingly beautiful. Climbing and clambering in the mountains, pure air, ultimate silence, villages where time has stood still and where people live in poverty from what they grow. Where pigs, cows and chicken roam freely on the unpaved sand (mud) roads. A shop in a shipping container... The contrast is also great in the cities, think of a super modern banking system, trendy architecture, luxury restaurants, the latest gadgets are available, etc.. On the other hand, visible decay of sometimes beautiful buildings, poorly maintained roads with potholes, small shops in basements of entrepreneurs who try to make a living.

The people are friendly, the Georgian food is divine (except for the meat I have heard), the wines are amazing, the nature breathtaking (especially uphill 😊) and is also in Tbilisi everywhere close for the city is surrounded by mountains. Public transport is good and very regular with buses and metro. Taxis are plentiful and cheap compared to The Netherlands.

No disadvantages? Certainly there are! For instance some things are just not available or the shipping costs and import duties are extremely high if you order something from abroad. There are no mailboxes so if you get mail you will pick it up at the post office where you sometimes stand in line for an hour. Some things I miss, think of a delicious lump of old cheese, or the obviousness that you can buy something at the supermarket or specific shop just because you know what the range is. Most of it is also available here but you often do not know where you can buy it and/or you have to go to several stores to collect your stuff. You’ve gotta watch out when crossing the street, even if the light is on green. Smiling at people is not always well understood because, so I am told, that can send the wrong signal, especially as a woman. And indeed when I was very happy smiling on the bus and looked at a man kindly, I was invited to also get off the bus for the 'coffee'. Hahahaha.

Nevertheless, I feel at home here, happy that I have made the step even though it is not always easy but at the moment the benefits and this country itself are definitely a reason for me to stay longer, to discover, to enjoy and to live!

What I also miss is my practice, the massages, all those beautiful people and sincere contacts. However, finding a massage table was not so easy. Either it could not be delivered, or the shipping costs were higher than the price of the table. Last Monday I succeeded and I am now the happy owner of a beautiful comfortable table, yay! I registered my company in Georgia under the name EnergyWise and my website,, will remain up and running for the time being.

Massaging remotely is difficult 😉 but if you want to spar with me, align your energy for a better balance, sink deeper into your own silence together with me, than online is a very good option and is often experienced as very powerful! Do you have specific questions, do you want to make an appointment or share something with me? I really appreciate that and I can be reached via many channels on my Dutch telephone number 0650476656 (including telegram, signal, whatsapp). Also via facebook and ofcourse email;

If you are considering a trip to Georgia, this beautiful country and come to Tbilisi (4.5 flight hours) then you are of course very welcome and perhaps I can give tips to make the holiday in Georgia a true amazing experience!

I don't want to overcrowd mailboxes for anyone and will occasionally send a message of my ins and outs. If you no longer want to receive messages from me, please let me know, then I will remove you from the mailing list. No hard feelings and I'd love to hear from you!

Lots of love,


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