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What a special year!

Gamarjoba lovely people. It's been a few months since I posted anything so it's time for an update! A year ago, on September 18, I left for Tbilisi, Georgia. On the way to the unknown, to starting over, to be surprised, to discover, adventure, different culture and varied nature and yes, I had actually no idea what was waiting for me but it felt completely good to go! How quickly that year passed and what a special year it was! Looking back, it was definitely a year full of unforeseen and unexpected events. I needed time to get used to this new life, to find my way a bit and that works out fine now, step by step!

There are many differences between the Netherlands and Georgia, for example in manners, customs, language and food. In the city I easily get by with English because my Georgian is still insufficient. I only know some words like thank you and good day and a few more frequently used words, but the plan is to start studying again this winter! Last year there were many impressions of cultural wealth, of visible poverty versus wealth, overwhelming nature, living in a big city, eating what the season has to offer, meeting new people, etc., all of which needed to find a place in my system. There were moments when it made me dizzy, thoughts like will this work, what am I doing here or geez I don't understand it anymore 😉. Fortunately there are many many more moments of intense enjoyment, of abundance, of silence in nature, of eating together, enjoying and knowing that this country is a good and pleasant place for me to live my life.

Am I missing the Netherlands? Generally not so much even though it is my home country where I have lived for 64 years. For example, in the beginning it was a frustrating search to find stuff, but in the meantime I know where I can buy things or how I can order specific items online and send them to Georgia via US or UK. Georgian Post is not so reliable and I learned not to use PostNL for post does not always arrive. What I do miss is the convenience, after all, everything is well organized in the Netherlands. I had a nice and comfortable apartment and a car that took me everywhere. Now I do everything by public transport. That is well organized in the city with buses and metro, but at the same time it is also time-consuming and more lugging with groceries. If a pavement tile is loose in NL, call the municipal and it will be solved quickly. Here manhole covers are missing, holes spontaneously fall in the asphalt, sidewalks with potholes and holes and that is sometimes, but more often not, resolved. There is also a lot of dog poop on the streets or somewhere a water pipe bursts, flooding the street. The water is also regularly closed for repair work. These can sometimes take 24 hours or more so a few large bottles of water in stock is handy and the shower afterwards a real treat. And so I learned through experience what I can take into account. I have developed a 6th sense to avoid potholes and holes and the droppings of a four-legged friends.

Am I missing friends and family? Yes of course and recently I have been in the Netherlands and have seen most of the loved ones and I have been showered with sweet abundance! That was very nice and I am very grateful for so many beautiful new memories of swimming, eating, talking, cooking, laughing, being together… Slowly I meet more and more people here, I build beautiful connections, shopkeepers recognize me, I feel at home in this neighborhood that feels like a village in the city. Fortunately, the world is small with internet, social media and (image-)calling so we can all stay in touch with each other. After a few months of acclimatization, the itch of wanting to 'work' again came. I missed my practice, the massages, the beautiful energy exchanges. How I could manifest that here was unclear at first, but where there is a will... Finding a good massage table was quite a search, but I succeeded. I also found the necessary towels and massage oils. Still, it took a while before I started, until this month! I started massaging at the Yoga Villa and I love it, I really missed it! It is also nice to have colleagues, the massage room is very nice and spacious in a beautiful building with a garden that has some seats so you can chill out after a yoga class or massage. Very happy that I can massage here, can help people relax more deeply so that they can come closer to themselves!

Of course I am still available online for a good conversation, a healing, an alignment of your energy system or a nice combination of all this. Just contact me if you have a specific question, if you want to know something more general, if you are looking for more in-depth information on a specific topic or have a look at my website; If you also want to discover this beautiful country, the cities and/or nature with lakes, waterfalls, mountains and remote areas with real silence or the culture and not to mention the delicious food? Then all I can say is DO IT! I can send you some links with a lot of information so if you are interested… let me know! It would be very nice to greet you here, so feel welcome to Tbilisi and Georgia!!! Lots of love and nakhvamdis (see you soon), Jeannette

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