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Jeannette Kroeskop

My strength lies in the Silence, there I am Home. From this quiet, peaceful force I work, share, create, Iive. Being at home… I have never actually been away… but over time my origin, my essence, my core, my unique expression of what I am increasingly clouded.
Social conditioning, family patterns, cultural habits, responsibilities, feeling unseen and not heard and much more influenced this life. In the end, life put me on the spot, multiple times… Burnout, divorce, financial challenges etc. showed me it was time to turn the tide.

A search for who / what I am followed. Read a lot of books, followed a lot of training and visited satsangs. Inspiration was found with Amma Bhagavan in India, the Queros shamans in Peru, Krishnamurti, Mooji, Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi, Eric Hoogland, Bentinho Massaro, Eckhart Tolle and many others. I began to see more clearly everything that I learned that was not "mine". True to what I am, I learned to live more and more from my natural essence.

Giving myself all the space again did not happen overnight. It has been a long, exciting and challenging way to come home to myself and especially to stay at home within myself. At home in the heart, in love, acceptance, surrender. At home in the emptiness, silence, peace, nothing. At home in everything I have experienced, all the ups and downs, all losses and gains, all emotions and insights. At home in all knowledge, wisdom, presence that bubbles up in the silence within myself. At home in this body, this life and in my deep-rooted calling that shows me my way...

For the past 20+ years I have filled my 'toolbox' and made it my own. Well trained in many areas including healing, massage, consciousness, chakras, meditation, essential oils, foot reflexology and more. From this 'toolbox' and my own source, I share my knowledge, wisdom, humor, tips and guidelines that can be helpful for you in that moment. I will use all that I am and all knowledge, tools and wisdom in me so that you can also be Home in what you really Are!

I like being in nature, listening to the birds, the wind through the trees, sun on the skin, enjoying colors and scents. Creative, sporty, love silence but also various genres of music, dance and movement. Down to earth, humor, trustworthy, calm, safety, no judgment and 'spaceholder' are words that people often use when describing me.

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