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My consultations

Fully tailored to you, I like to work without fixed

techniques or rituals so that every session offers optimal

what is important to you in that moment.

It's not just any session... it's a unique experience!

My costs

Every person and personal situation is unique.

That is why I work with a minimum rate.

I give with passion and love from my heart, you choose the

maximum contribution you give me back from your heart!

Do you find this difficult? Consult with me!

How does it work

I welcome you in my home and we can discuss

what I should take into account.

After the session there is feedback, time for questions,

tips, exercises or whatever may be helpful to you.


Of course, there will be tea and time to anchor the

changes in your system more deeply

before you go home.

So you need extra time in addition

to the stated session time!

Book your session via the (email) button

or contact us by telephone on +31 (0) 650476656

Beach Chairs

A powerful session to align and harmonise the energy systems so that it can function as a collaborative whole as it is naturally intended.

Brings you back to your essence and your natural state of being.


20-30 minutes


from €25,-

Image by Aaron Burden

We look at energy flows, cords, old energies, etc .. Completely tuned to your field, I follow the impulses that come through, providing what is important in the moment. Your entire system is brought into balance and there is a short feedback after the session.


1 hour

online, distance or in practice

from €60,-

Schermafbeelding 2019-10-15 om 21.20.29.
Embodying massage

1 hour 30 min

in practice

from €80,-

A powerful combination of healing and relaxing massage with feedback/conversation afterwards. To restore the physical, mental and energetic balance, to activate the self-healing capacity and to harmonise your total system. Each session is deepening to be at home in your Self.

Relaxing massage

1 hour 15 min

in practice

from € 70,-

Relax more deeply in your own system and experience more balance and peace on all layers. My hands follow the impulses your system indicates. Thus, you get exactly what is needed in that moment for you to relax; physically, mentally and energetically.

Empowering silence

45 minutes

online or in practice

from € 45,-

Pure silence relaxes, centers, clarifies and empowers the inner connection with your own essence. Everything you need, all wisdom, insights, answers, etc. are already in you. Together we create a deep field of silence in which this becomes more audible and you experience the inner connection and your own truth better.

Lets talk

1  hour or  1 hour 30 mins

online or in practice

from €60 / €85

Together we investigate where you get stuck. What are the patterns, escape routes or defense mechanisms that you (un) consciously use. Make conscious choices again that fit who you really are. Find clarity in yourself with practical exercises and applicable tips to be back at home in everything you are.

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