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Who are you

Emptiness, space, silence, nothing, uhhmmm ...

For many a scary experience because we are so used to the head reigning and to all those thoughts that are constantly there. Used to do or think we should do anything. Yet there is another choice for you don't have to! You may also just Be, in this moment, pause, just do nothing!

Does everything on your to-do list really have to be or do you think it should be because people expect it, you always do it or…? How aware are you of patterns in daily life. Of automatism? Of meeting other people's expectations, of learned behavior? How happy does that make you?

More and more I experience that there is actually nothing. There is a field of energy and when I look into a room I mainly see the space that is there. Within that space are objects, but those objects are also space. There is space between the leaves of the plant, for example. There is space in the seat of the chair. There is space between the letters and words. There is a lot of space in the background of these words. There is space in the body, between all cells, muscles and bones. There is a moment of silent space between the inhalation and exhalation, everything is space, within it it is silent ...

The empty silent field, the experience of space and nothing, is so great. It gives me peace of mind. It puts things into perspective. It stimulates. There is nothing and yet it is precisely that emptiness that is the basis of all life, the basis of creation. However, 'control' finds it very difficult to be in nothingness. Control wants to rule. Wants to fill in. Brings thoughts to the fore but it is up to you to pay attention to that control and thoughts or not. Do you identify with thoughts and turn them into a story or can you just leave the thought for what it is… a thought without having to do anything with it?

Control makes you restless and gives a 'false' sense of security. There is no certainty. Nothing in life is certain. Sticking to "certainty" stagnates the flow of energy that creates. The head, thoughts and control are an interesting trio. They like to dominate if you give them all your attention. If you give them less attention and you are more selective in which you do / do not give attention, you can benefit greatly from it. Thoughts can also be very fresh, original and functional!

How can you 'let go' of control so that you can get more out of life? By seeing the impact of that control. By examining where the thoughts come from and whether they are true. By gathering the courage and stepping into that inner silence and space, by facing the emptiness and allowing it so that you can experience all that lives there. We are energy, we are space, we are emptiness, we are nothing. Part of everything. Within the "nothing field" in the inner space / void, everything exists. There you will find your own basis, your core, the blueprint that you are, the joy, tranquility, flow, surrender ...

In the silence of nothingness there is room for creation, growth, inner strength and much more. That quiet space in you is your basis, from which you can live life, without fear, without having to do/follow but free in the choices you make. What do you want to create in your life? What makes you really happy? Do you dare to enter the inner silence to make a journey of discovery to your true self, your deep desires? Do you want to but don't know how?

The way inwards is unique for everyone, everyone has their own 'entrance' that suits your individuality. Usually you know perfectly well how to get into calmer waters. For one that is walking in nature, for the other meditation, cooking etc.. Do you want to go deeper into yourself, beyond beliefs, beyond stories, beyond control? Would you like to dis-cover who you really are and can you use a helping hand?

Feel free to contact me so that we, together, can explore how and what works for you to consciously experience your own space, to 'dis-cover' your essence and to live from that place. Make an appointment for a silence or coaching session. I keep all space, silence and emptiness free for you ... Call 0650476656 or email for an appointment or simply more information.

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