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The Sea

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Last week I was visiting a loved one in Portugal for a few days. No laptop, no social media and very limited phone use. Having to do nothing at all 'unplugged' was nice to recharge the battery.

The sun and the bright light there give new energy. Clouds in the sky form beautiful patterns. Empty beaches that invite you to keep walking along the waves. Sometimes stop to listen or sit on the sand, staring at the waves. A terrace by the sea, sand between your toes and walking barefoot through the cold water… I love it!

The sea is always in motion, just like life itself. Never the same, always different. The sea gives and takes, it comes and goes in perfect timing and its own rhythm. It can roar and murmur, sometimes slow and soft, sometimes fast and powerful, but always in that infinite movement.

Big waves come towards the beach where they roll out over the sand, leaving stones and shells as they flow back to that big pool of water. Sea… a phenomenon that continues to fascinate me and that I can watch for hours. Counting to the bigger waves, the calm waves swell again to crash into the ground. Then a few more gentle waves until the bigger waves swell up again. This rhythm is beautiful, an infinite form of abundance.

I taste the salty air, hear the voice of the sea and feel the rhythm of nature. Sometimes the wind blows strong and fresh, sometimes it is a breeze that gently touches me. It is nurturing to simply become one with the water with the sun on your face, with the rhythm, the power, the unique individuality of each movement. To embrace, enjoy, breathe in and absorb the elements of sun, wind and water. I like this rhythm, surrender to the rhythm and merge with it, I become the sea, the sun, the wind, the light, the clouds and the shadow. I too am nature...

Fishermen cast their lines, the sea is still noisy, the sun is already sinking a bit, the rocks are even more intense red and yellow, the wind is increasing and cooling me down. Time to leave, I thank the sea for the wise lesson, the peace, space and deep silence it has brought me.

The sea is like life itself, like yin and yang, a continuous process of change. One cannot exist without the other, everything is inextricably linked. The sea and life teach me that time and time again... That is exactly what makes life so special, so fascinating, so challenging, so difficult, so funny, so unimaginable and unpredictable, so beautiful, so chaotic, so loving, that's how I am too. I love this enjoying and yes this is real Life ...

When you are at the sea or thinking about the sea… Which emotions or thresholds, which ideas, insights, etc. will float to the surface in you? When the thinking stops, the silence in you gets space, what happens in you, with you?

Silence is so important to all of us and is not really at the forefront of our society. After all, there are so many impulses around us that we sometimes forget to stop and make it still in ourselves. When do you make time to pull that plug from the hectic pace? How do you charge your battery? What gives you energy and can you make it quiet in yourself?

Give yourself an 'unplug' moment regularly, do nothing for a while, do it, charge that battery regularly and experience! After all, life is way too good to walk around with a half empty battery ...

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