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Spiritual advices

Do you recognize that? The well-intentioned advice? This is good for you and you shouldn't do that anymore because xyz's book says…

Or the advice that it would be good for you if you stop eating meat or should eat a lot more meat. Or that you only have to wash the windows at a full moon or at the new moon. Or that you have to listen to that or that guru because he is so fantastic. Or…

You probably know the tips and they might also make you doubt. In any case, that happened to me, that doubting, because the other person has a lot of knowledge, so he will know… right? Uhmmm… well the search that arose from that has cost me a lot of money over the years and not brought what I hoped because I was looking outside myself. It has given me a broad insight into the commercial world of the "spiritual" seekers and providers.

Spirituality isn't bad, it is what we are. More and more people are starting to live more consciously, eat more consciously, move more consciously, take care of their own health more consciously. They become more aware of the fact that they are more than just a physical body, that besides the body there is also an energy system, that there is consciousness. And I welcome that because we are really so much more than we think!

There is a lot of useful and meaningful information for personal growth, but there are also things that are especially financially interesting for whose wallet is being filled. How do you distinguish between what suits you or what does not suit you in this moment, how can you separate the wheat from the chaff in that 'spiriwiri world'? If it's especially coercive along the lines of this is good, that's not good, this is better than that. Oh dear with all due respect but it doesn't work like that, you better do this or that because I've read that ... Or you could try this or that because that or that guru says etc.., then I advise you to sit down for a while.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, bring your attention from your head to your heart and your stomach and FEEL… Let the tips / stories pass through your mind's eye, let your uncertainty pass by, feel what it does to you. Does it feel good? Then do it and find out. Doesn't it feel right to you? Don't do it and don't hesitate. Actually, the tip is to always do what feels really good for you, even if it is not always easy or logical. Follow what makes you happy, what you know is right for you. Do what energizes you and puts a smile on your face.

This pure feeling, that first impulse, is always followed by thoughts that want to disprove it in the sense of yes but… Just don't listen to it, focus on the first impulse that was there before the thought was there, follow what resonates. Don't get carried away by other people's quests. Listen to them and feel if it is for you too.

Always follow your own inner compass. Listen to that soft voice inside, it always points you in your direction and it can go via an illogical alternative route. Nothing wrong with that as long as you choose what you do or do not want to do / follow, based on your feelings. Following your Self I believe is spirituality, being guided by your own inner divine spark, your tomtom, your Self, your strength, essence, blueprint or whatever you want to call it.

Because if you do that sincerely, you love your Self, there is compassion for your fellow man, there is understanding that others do differently, there is no judgment. If you follow what your Self whispers, you will also come to your Self. Then there is no more searching. Then there is no need for external input. After all, everything you seek and need is in you, has always been in you. Do not search outside of yourself but find it in your Self! You are already complete!

Do you dare to follow your own course inward, even if it is sometimes impossible to explain to others? How are you doing that? Do you take the time to consult your Self, to feel, to discover and grow from your own insights? Which 'tool' do you use to turn the focus inward, whatworks for you, is that meditation or being in nature or cooking or ...? And what are you up against, what is a stumbling block for you? Do you want to share that so that I and everyone who reads this may also be inspired by you? Because your insights are also very valuable! I look forward to your response. Thank you!!!

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