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Money business

That sounds a bit strange, because why do I want to talk about money?

Do I want to ask even more for sessions because the costs are increasing?

Or less or uhhh what and why ...?

Well ... lately I feel that indeed I want to deal with my rates differently. It no longer resonates to ask fixed amounts. So donation then? For some people, donation equals free and let's face it ... it's not.

For me, donation is what someone feels it's worth, is able and willing to pay for what was received in that moment. I romped around with this idea and felt and today finally made the decision!

  1. The events are now on the site with a minimum donation amount to cover costs. You decide for yourself what else you can reasonably afford to top it up.

  2. From now on I give all sessions on a full donation basis. So you decide how much you can reasonably afford.

It feels like a win-win, a better balance and much fairer and feasible for everyone.

I have full confidence that everyone will donate an amount as they see fit, which will make the exchange of session or event worthwhile. Everything on the website has also been adjusted, look for sessions and the events agenda on the site;

So do you need relaxation, rest, balance, conversation or feel like a nice relaxing massage??

Let me know and let's make an appointment!

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