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Living or surviving?

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Yesterday and the day before the sky was so beautiful blue! The sun was shining brightly and the wind happily blew the cold air forward. I had treated myself to a walk on the beach and packed up, I walked first against the wind and later back along the surf with the wind in my back. It was enjoyable but also special. Halfway through my walk it became wonderfully quiet on the beach and I was put 'still' as it were. I have been staring at the sea for a while. Gaze at infinity, mind at zero, just completely in the moment.

There I put the residual energy from this year, which no longer serves me, by the sun in the light and then gave it to the wind. The entire energy system has been 'illuminated' by the sun and blown clean by the wind. It really was a breath of fresh air for a while :). All mice out and clean space in it. Room for new experiences, new insights. Room for developing and sharing new ideas. Room to give free rein to your own inner course this year. To follow that inner GPS even if it doesn't seem logical and it's really exciting. Next year promises to be a really great year! For you and for me. Simply because you can choose to.

I choose the positive approach, practical, clear, to-the-point. To keep moving, keep discovering, keep sharing, keep surprising and above all to go outside the comfort zone. Why? Because in the meantime I know what is within that safe comfort zone, but beyond thatI can grow and discover! Both on a personal and business level. There lies inner growth, wisdom, direction, challenge, decisiveness and much more waiting to be discovered. In the zone you survive, outside the zone you live!

What are you going to do next year? Live or survive? Do you let yourself flow through Life with or without fear or do you prefer to keep everything under control. Do you know where your personal challenge lies and do you dare to accept it or is the threshold a little high? Are you stuck in living, thinking and doing patterns, safe in the comfort zone and do you want to keep it that way? Fine, it is a choice and if that feels good to you then it is good!

Do you want to get a breath of fresh air, deep down, so that you also make room for something new?

Do you want to use the supporting energy that is available this year for survival or for Life? Do you choose to live life fully and can you use a helping hand? Then I will gladly help you! Is that step a bit too big all of a sudden? Even then you are really welcome in the practice!

It is about feeling and recognizing your own balance and also knowing how to maintain it, your way, regardless of how you want to live life. I look forward to seeing you personally. Whether it is for a clarifying conversation, a super fun workshop, a meditation evening, a transformative healing or relaxing massage...

I am really looking forward to it! We're 'just' going to make it a great year, are you in?

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