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Grounding & Embodiment

How special the past year has been, how much has changed. Not only in the outer world but also in our inner world. I see that after a year of "pandemic" people around me lose their balance a bit. Many entrepreneurs are in dire straits, employees are no longer sure of their jobs and reports of a "virus" put many people in a frequency of fear that affects physical and mental health and energy frequency.

Of course, the past year has less pleasant sides and we all experience them in our own way. The positive sides are, for example, that we are strongly invited to come out of fixed rhythms and patterns. To feel what our intuition says and to follow that and to step into our own power. To explore and strengthen our personal boundaries. To stay with ourselves better, to follow our own truth instead of what is prescribed by the media and politics. We have also become more creative, we go into nature much more and move more consciously. We think more often about what we think is important and what we actually want and whether that corresponds with what we do / live. The automatic pilot has disappeared, so that the balance we thought we had is no longer self-evident.

What can we do ourselves to restore, preserve and improve our own balance? How do we stay healthy and in balance at all levels of our system? For me it consists of several layers; mental / emotional, physical and energetic.

It is important to strengthen your own immune system. By eating healthy, for example, no ready-made meals. By soaking up the healthy air while you regularly exercise in nature, take supplements such as vitamin C, zinc, B12 and D3, less coffee or alcohol, laugh a lot and be grateful for all those little things that are still there. In addition to strengthening your immune system, it also has a positive effect on your mental and emotional resilience. We do know how to be healthy if we listen to our inner voice.

The questions I regularly receive have to do with grounding and balance. That is why I have put together an online workshop with practical tips and exercises to quickly and easily restore your own balance, to ground and center more easily and consciously in your own body.

Do you want to discover how? Click on the link for more information: Evenementen | Jeannette Kroeskop

This workshop is Thursday April 8 through Zoom at 8 p.m. and there are still a few places available. The contribution is donation based and you will receive the Zoomlink after registration / donation.

Does this appeal to you?

Then sign up quickly! Call 0650476656 or mail to stating Zoom 8 April.

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