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Updated: Mar 21, 2022

This afternoon I was enjoying the forest near my town. In that forest there is a gnome route for children to walk with or without knapsack. A little girl of about 3-4 years old with her grandfather stopped by a bench with the knapsack next to her. She fumbled into a small box and, delighted, pulled something out and put it in her mouth. I see a beaming face and an endeared grandpa.

Having come closer, the girl sees me, skips over to me with an open, happy look and gives me a green tumtum while she beams at me. For me? Yes she nods! Oh .. how sweet and delicious I say. I put the tumtum in my mouth, the girl looks at me approvingly, raises her hand and waves enthusiastically at me. I wave back enthusiastically as she happily hops back to her grandfather and knapsack.

What a wonderful meeting!

I wish for everyone that every day may be so sincere, beautiful and pure. That everyone can see through the eyes of an unbiased child. That everyone can and dares to be his own radiant self, that spontaneous ideas are carried out like this girl did. May you give and receive joy. That you dare to follow your own heart, even if that is exciting. That you can enjoy all those little moments in life that make life so worthwhile.

Thank you for being/were part of my life in many moments, big or small, in person or remote, but always connected. I hope to meet you all again to create many beautiful moments together and live life in Joy.

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