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And then...

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Then we sit at home, alone or with your partner or with the whole family. Maybe you work but life as it was is drastically different. There is chaos, fear, insecurity, sadness, hoarding, frustration and more. Emotions play a stronger role in many than before because we can no longer hide from doing a lot, work, pressure ... Challenging and confronting in certain areas? Certainly! Yet it also has a nice downside.

Because we are all forced to go down a notch, there is also more time to reflect on the life we ​​live. Is this what we really want, is that time for each other not nice, and that dream that had disappeared into the background is now in the foreground again ...

How do we actually want to see our society, what role do we play in it and how can we make change...

How do I want to live when everything is possible... I also see this time as a time to reshape life. As humanity, as an individual, as a society. A unique opportunity to move from an I to a we society. To be more ready for each other after this period, to do what feels really good, what makes us happy. To be able to be truly free in choices without an excess of patronizing rules but rules that stimulate to explore off-the-beaten-track paths. After all, there are the pearls that make life so fascinating!

Great initiatives are created to help each other. In my village a lot is done for the elderly who have not been allowed to leave their room/home for weeks or who live alone and are not mobile or frail. Think of homemade Easter branches or cakes that are baked, children make cards and the repro copies them for free, etc.. Volunteers drive all this once a week to the various locations. There is a flyer promotion with cards that you can give to an elderly neighbor with your name and telephone number so if they get sick or need something there is someone nearby. People can request music songs and the local radio plays them. With microphones and amplifiers, orchestras, vocal groups etc. are outside to bring entertainment to those who have to stay indoors... I can go on like this... Undoubtedly, beautiful things are happening in your town or village too that would otherwise not be there!

Born by circumstances? YES. And yet… it is there and this is not going away… I am convinced that this shows us a reality that we all much rather see than the distant world we had… Even marketing is changing. I no longer see 'buy now' or 'I want this' but texts like 'cook for your neighbors, buy locally, pay attention to each other, don't hoard, get food delivered, support the elderly'. That is a different story!

The world is no longer going back to what we have experienced as 'normal'. It's time for real normalcy. Where we are all allowed to be as we are, where everyone has the right to water, food, shelter, a dignified existence, clear communication, financial security, clean air. In which we are there for each other without 'what's in it for me'. Precisely because a WE society is the real normal!

Let's create other political, social, economic, technological agendas that serve all of humanity.

How?? I do not own wisdom, but I know that things can and must be done differently if we want to survive as humanity. That we are going to honor our planet sincerely, after all, it shows us how flexible it is, nature continues and flourishes, the air becomes clean…

Isn't this what we all want? A beautiful clean planet where we can live and live on?

The new normal is coming, our reality is getting so much more beautiful. Also contribute to make it faster. Call me a dreamer, not realistic, fine. This new normal is what I am going for and I hope many with me!

How do you see our new future ???

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