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Situations that trigger something in you, stress, insecurity, anger, sadness, etc. always bring me a layer deeper into myself. I reflect more consciously on the abundance that is always present.

The sun that beautifully illuminates that one flower or is reflected in the water of the pool. The smile of a child, a nod from an old man on a bench and so on. By dwelling on abundance, making it still in yourself, you will access your heart wisdom deeper and you will feel more and more powerful and radiate naturally. Abundance is life itself.

Are you open to abundance, can you also see how beautiful everything is, how puzzle pieces can fall into one place if you give it a chance? How life is just the way it is now? And that life becomes easier if you are a little more aware in the heart so that things can come your way?

Often we run on and on, just this, just that, the head is working overtime and the internal silence is in the background. Society is also focused on the head, just think of all advertisements and everything 'must, should or necessary' on the list. If you do not keep feeling conscious and make choices that feel good, that make you happy, then you will more easily end up on the other side of dissatisfaction, not having enough, frustration, etc..

Sometimes there are things that you do that are not in harmony with your deeper desire, that do not make you happy, but that can have a function in the present moment. It is my passion to help people become an even more beautiful version of themselves. For example by giving a relaxing massage so that they feel the body and the tensions that are stored in it again. By sharing observations in a conversation so that they gain insight into themselves, their actions and patterns and a conscious change can take place. By helping to connect head and heart and let it function in harmony.

Abundance is also that confronting situation in which you experience grief-pain-negativity, which gives you the opportunity to transform this into insight, wisdom and acting differently. Abundance is also the sincere attention of friends, acquaintances, strangers who ask how you are doing, if they can do something for you. Abundance is also that beautiful piece of music that touches you. Abundance is also that cup of tea, the insight into situations, the acceptance that the other is different and may be different. Abundance is also that you can be who you really are.

How do you see abundance? What is that for you? Would you like to let me know in the comment box below so that I can learn from your insights, from your wisdom, from your abundance?

Do you dare to be who you are? Do you follow the soft voice of the heart, your passion, your joy, your love? Do you show yourself? Do you dare to live from abundance?

Can you let go of familiar patterns and flow with what life offers you or do you want to keep control?

How do you see abundance? What is that for you? Would you like to let me know so that I can also learn from your insights, from your wisdom, from your abundance?

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