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Hello beautiful being!

Are you doing what makes you happy, what gives you energy?

Are you completely at home in yourself, with yourself?

In accordance with your deep desires and wishes?

Living a relaxed life from your own power center?

Beyond physical discomfort, stress or worry?

Which is possible!

Do you feel that something is maybe stuck or that more is possible?

Together we can open the way in your system more free and transparent.

​As a result, you get a deeper contact and understanding of yourself, your essence.

So you can create your life from there, from your own Self.

Every session is about YOU...

So that you can restore the connection with your own inner source, your Home.

Your connection, with your own internal world, is always there but may be affected by external factors. 

Think of social, cultural and family influences, friends, education, work.

Clarifying the patterns and influences that have arisen from this may help you achieve 

the live that deep down in you wants to be lived.

Your inner GPS is always on, but sometimes the voice is no longer audible.

Together we can investigate, make visible and free who you, in essence, are. 

What thresholds there are and what deep tensions are still stored to be seen.

To investigate what you want to bring into this world.

What holds you back energetically, emotionally, physically, mentally.
To give those ripples space again from other angles in a sober way so that more

harmony and balance arises and you can take a different route in this life that suits YOU.

So that you too will experience that you are really already Home!

You are already home

Energy-alignment, healing, embodying massages & empowering silence

Jeannette Kroeskop

Bringer of silence and life artist

My strength lies in the Silence, there I am Home. From this quiet, peaceful force I work, share, create, live. Being at home… I have never actually been away… but over time my origin, my essence, my core, my unique expression of what I am increasingly clouded.

Social conditioning, family patterns, cultural habits, responsibilities, feeling unseen and not heard and much more influenced this life. In the end, life put me on the spot, multiple times… Burnout, divorce, financial challenges etc. showed me it was time to turn the tide.

How can I help you?

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I like that, in words and deeds.

Physical relaxation

Really Feeling in your whole body and experiencing how nice that is.

Trauma release

So important to see and experience clarity in yourself and the underlying trauma / patterns! Then it can solve.

Deep silence

Silence is healing, is pure Love, speaks your truth, gives direction.

Discovering your 'calling'

What is your motive, your pure passion? What makes you happy and what gives you energy?

Reset your entire system

Back to your essence, harmony in your system, peace of mind, relaxation in body and limbs.


For the first time I was able to relax on a massage because the whole technique is built on soft touches and point work on the body 🥰 so gently the blocks in the body were removed due to earlier stress 😢. My heartfelt thanks to Jeannette for the amazing sensations in the body. Like a warm wave going from the top of my head all the way down to my feet after which my body is relaxed and somehow soft, light 💗. I recommend everyone to try and discover such nice new feelings of freedom and ease of body, feeling calm and grounded in my feet. It was an amazing experience 🙏🏻



Beach Chairs
Relaxing massage
Image by Aaron Burden
Empowering silence
Image by Alex Blăjan
Embodying massage
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